When NIKEiD launched in 1999, it revolutionised customisation by bringing it to the masses. However, in the intervening years the landscape changed significantly. It was clear that NIKEiD needed to evolve.

AKQA was given the task of reimagining NIKEiD and helping to put it at the forefront once again.
“NIKEiD is a personalization service that's as unique and individual as every athlete we serve”.
“We serve athletes across all categories putting their needs first”.
Together with Nike, we worked on the rebrand – repositioning NIKEiD as a service that lives across the entire Nike ecosystem, while also concepting innovative new product ideas and helping to shape a fresh new creative direction.

We have built the foundations of NIKEiD, defining a brand plan, TOV and service definition to help inform and inspire the future of NIKEiD. All brought to life as a brand book encapsulating everything that NIKEiD stands for.

From this collaboration a new consumer-facing strap line was developed as a starting point for the relaunch of NIKEiD:
The new strap line has evolved to work for multiple executions and multiple products, across categories.
“Our goal is to become the most personal service of every category”.

Over the last months, as part of the re-launch campaign, we started testing with tactic cross-category campaigns in the USA market, including golf, basketball and football.

The brand guidelines we established were also used to brief all Nike retail staff, to ensure a consistent tone of voice across all touchpoints whenever referencing a NIKEiD product.