The Swedish advertising agency, Åkestam Holst came to us with a mission for AUDI. They wanted to increase relevance in the ski community by driving them to their new service called SLOPEDIA.


Through our research, we discovered that most of the videos around had one common factor; that they focus more on the skills and tricks rather than the slope itself. From this insight we came up with an idea about measuring your ski data activity, and focusing on social gaming through your skills.

“take your skiing to the next level. Measure your activity and challenge friends”.

EDGE helps you understand your activity patterns. Visualize your daily activity, your tricks, falls, and areas you’ve discovered. You can also analyze time, distance, speed, altitude and vertical drop. With all this data you receive points, giving you achievements and rewards. With EDGE you compete and compare with friends and the rest of the skiing community.

Team: Alejandro Masferrer, Amilcar Guevara, Daniel Mascarenhas, Hanna Kulin, Ilya Yudanov, Samuel Kantala Delgado.

Hyper Island Stockholm