Part of the overall strategy for Fall/Winter’13 had been to push technological boundaries, taking the artistic collision concept mass-scale to reach consumers. Run DMC were rumoured to be reuniting. The opportunity was to bring next-generation youth back for another dose of Originals culture by colliding the Kings with emerging turntablist A-trak, keeping the brand fresh and relevant.

Of course a music video for Run DMC’s new track was a solution, but people have incredibly high expectations for branded content. Collaborating with Google, we created the world’s first voice search activated interactive film.
“3 hip-hop superstars collide wreaking creative havoc across the city”.

As Run DMC and A-trak wreaked creative havoc across New York, voice commands or keystrokes helped viewers create unique Originals anthems, each word unlocking hidden content and visual effects. They could dive deeper into products, curated looks, see behind-the-scenes footage and receive words of wisdom from Rev Run. The video gave new understanding of the amazing things that happen when music, animation and film collide.

The end result provided an immersive interactive experience featuring hundreds of animations, triggered by over 15000 keywords. Each unique collision was sharable. The video marked a step forward in understanding how a collision between music, animation and voice-command technology can define new forms of originality.

We worked with the Chrome Web Speech API and a suite of bespoke language processing tools to enable users to trigger animations in the music video in real time. A simple keyboard input is used as a fallback for users without modern browsers. Each 2D animation appeared instantly as soon as a keyword had been recognized, and was stored as a unique version of the video for each user. Each animation was also associated with a shareable asset which directed traffic to the new adidas FW13 products.

Run DMC has a longstanding relationship with adidas following the release of a certain 1986 single, which helped bring hip-hop into popularity, while A-Trak has played an integral role in meshing rap with electronic music. We extended this partnership to the adidas fan base by allowing them to visually remix the video with an overwhelming response.

The interactive music video was a hit, generating 820,292 visits by 742,854 unique visitors. The microsite had been loaded 1,003,748 times. The YouTube video accumulated nearly 7 million views while the experience redirected 18,153 visits to the
“Adidas Originals was in the eyes of the young audience all over the world”.

Rather than just creating a cut down version of the interactive film for mobile, we drove consumers to the store to experience the interactive film in real life.
While the desktop experience recognizes voice or the keyboard to activate animations, the mobile experience activates animation by geolocation using Google Maps API driving users to the nearest adidas Originals store

Local markets fully activated the campaign by making it 100% relevant to their market. We created a system that allowed them to lead with the global TVC and follow up with locally relevant activations. Consumers were asked to tweet or post inspirations for a unique music video to be created by local celebrities.